Jumping Rainbows

On My Fother's Side

The video below is BEYOND WORDS BEAUTIFUL!  I've watched it several times since someone VERY dear to me sent it to me just a few days ago.  Each time I have, it's brought me to tears, shaking, sobbing tears, filled with so many levels of joy for my ever strengthening relationship with MY Lord and Savior!  Thank you just seems so incredibly WEAK when I think about what I would say to Him to show my appreciation for the three ANGELS known as Cullen, Pam, and Rick He brought into my life at just the right time, but it's all I can think of.  So...

  Gracious Father, Creator and Protector of ALL things good, THANK YOU for choosing Cullen, Pam, and Rick to help strengthen my bond with You!  I know I have five AMAZING angels now (You and Fergie being the other two)!  Please continue to protect the four of them!  For Pam and Rick, continue carring their burdens and them, even when they're too humble, don't know how, or simply can't ask for Your help!  In Jesus' name, Amen!


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