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Having sex on the first date is called what?

Today I saw a Facebook meme asking "What do you call sex before marriage?" Some of the responses included "Try it before you buy it!" and "Take it for a test drive!" The appropriate response is simply: "Sin." But why is it considered a sin?  Is it because it violates the 7th commandment?  Yes, that's certainly a part of it, but it goes beyond that.  The ultimate purpose of dating is to discover your future wife, your bride, the one whom you promise to love, honor,…

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Sinead O'Connor

I don't know much about Sinead O'Connor other than she wrote a song called "Nothing Compares 2 U". To be honest, I recall nothing of the song other than it the melody was pleasant and that the title of the song was also the chorus. With the chorus running through my head, I realized that there are biblical truths that can be derived from the title, even without knowing what her original intentions of the song were.

Truth #1: We can memorize all of His words…

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40 something years.

Alicia and I went out to dinner tonight and we got to talking about life changes…

When I was in my late teens, my parents were involved with Amway, and when you’re in Amway, you can’t help but be sucked into the cult of personalities of the people above you.  The thing I loved the most was their wealth and the thing I hated the most was their constantly talking about God and Jesus, even if it was in the prosperity gospel context, which I knew…

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The real meaning of Christmas.

Dorothy Sayers, one of the first women to graduate from England’s Oxford University, was an author who lived in the early 1900’s. As a writer of mystery novels, she wrote a series of 11 novels featuring a crime solving British aristocrat named Sir Peter Wimsey. Prompted by comments from fans, half way through the series she came to the conclusion that Sir Wimsey was lonely, so she wrote in a new character, Harriet Vane, to team up with him and solve crimes together. Wouldn’t you know…

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Are you a rotten fish too?

If you would have asked me 35 years ago if I was a Christian, I would probably have looked at you, adjusted my white and collared polo shirt, played with the cute little fish pin that adorned the right side of my collar, and looked over at my collection of 500 or more Christian music cassette tapes and CD’s and then finally answered you with a proud “Yes.” I was in charge of the audio department at my church and I was even on the Board of Christian Education for…

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Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

There used to be an internet meme that later became a hit TV sitcom.  You may remember it, it was called "Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" When you’re a teenager, you might perceive such a contract to be written on paper, flimsy but easy to mend.  To a father, it’s written on a thin plate of glass.  If you break one, you break them all, and face the swift justice of a father.  The #1 selling book of all time presents the same…

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Puppies, kittens & hugs.

Every ounce of goodness in the world comes from God. Puppies, kittens, hugs, fun, a baby's laughter, joy, love, and brilliant sunshine through the leaves of a tree being blown by a gentle breeze. All of these scream of God's goodness and presence. He is the very definition of goodness. Now imagine what it would be like to spend eternity in a place where not even the tiniest spec of goodness exists. Absolutely none. When you leave this earth, you will either be in God's presence…

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Another way to look at it.

To anyone who believes they can spend their entire life denying, mocking or even hating God and then pacify themselves with the delusion that if there really is a God, He will look at their heart and judge them to be a good person, here is another way to look at it… God is not going to force you into Heaven against your will. Repent now and put your trust in Jesus.

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