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My W800RF32A clone

Years after fell into a black hole, I am still using x10 appliance modules controlled by my open source x10bot project.  The version I'm using is not the same as the last version I released though.  I added support for the W800RF32A RF Receiver by WGL Designs.  Unfortunately, even these things will eventually give up the blue smoke.

Since the serial version of the device has been discontinued and the USB version is out of my current budget range, I decided to make my own…

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I only want to see you there.

I need a new term for something I used to call the "Jesus complex."  It's neither a "complex," a "syndrome" or an "effect."  The idea is like this.  Pretty much everywhere Jesus went, people considered him to be a prophet.  This was true everywhere except in his home town with his own people.  There they thought "Huh?  Jesus?  He thinks he's a prophet?  I knew him as a kid, what does he know?"  His own people regarded him with a good amount of…

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Since I cannot turn my neck around very far, I have always had over-sized clip-on rearview mirrors to see behind me while driving.  The problem has been they add a lot of weight to the existing mirror and when it gets warm in the car, the mirror stem goes limp.

Last week I ordered some custom cut polycarbonate mirrors to the size I need (21 x 2.5 inches,) along with a really stiff mirror stem, and some fast curing acrylic casting resin, to create a completely…

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How to get Inno Setup to unzip a file it installed.

A while back I posted C source code for a DLL and examples for extracting ZIP files from within an Inno Setup installer.  It was overkill.  There is no need to use any external DLL file with Inno Setup to extract a ZIP file to a given directory.  Just add this snippet to your ISS file, right below the code section.

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Kiwi IRC Client Send Button

I've been having issues with Apple iOS/iPad/iPhone users on the Kiwi IRC client not being able to chat because of the lack of a "Send Button."  Since I don't currently own any iOS product, I could only go by their words and frustrations.  Today I finally got around to writing a plugin that…

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That was then, this is now.

I think it was around 5 years ago during a telephone conversation with my mother that she asked me "What do you really think of this religion stuff?"  I can't recall my exact answer but I know that it was an incredibly reluctant and wishy-washy answer and I swear if there had been a rooster around, it would have…

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Concerto in C-Sharp Major for Trumpet and Turkey Buzzards

A while ago we started to notice a lot of healthy tree parts strewn all over our backyard, especially in the area under a particular stand of pine trees.

Now, various flora scattered about the yard is nothing new to us since we have quite a large variety of plants, and on windy days all sorts of stuff ends up everywhere, but it looked as if someone had taken a chainsaw and purposely decided to do some unnecessary pine tree trimming.

Not such a good thing…

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