About Danielle

Who is Danielle, and what really goes on in her head???Cullen and I celebrating my birthday last year at RJ Riches Restraunt

  • I tend to be a very analytical person.  If something doesn't add up in my head, I'll obsess over it until I find the "right" answer
  • As analytical as I may be I'm just as, if not more emotional.  When I am truly upset, I make no effort to squelch tears or any other emotion(s) that I'm feeling.  People around me have often referred to my emotions as an erupting volcano!  Once they start to erupt, there's no stopping them, and your best bet is to just let what ever happens happen, and realize that if it is directed at you that will be made very clear!
  • I love having long conversations with anyone who is up to it!  Some of my favorite subjects are anything that has to do with the psychological world, the state of society today, why money isn't everything, and pretty much anything else that requires deep thought!
  • I love to listen, and be a problem solver.  Many of my friends and family have called me things like "the logical one" and "the rock of a situation" because even when things are in complete turmoil, I have a way of being able to make it all make sense
  • I am a very optimistic person.  No matter what the situation, I've always had a knack for being able to find their positive parts.  Negativity has never really been a part of my daily thought process, and I pride myself on that
  • I am a very, very, very extroverted person.  I would much rather be around a group of people, or at least one person then I would be by myself.  I thrive on the positive energy of other people
  • I love to please other people, and make them happy.  When I do something for someone, and the smile on their face reflects their appreciation, I don't need, or want anything more, just knowing that they're happy, content, and satisfied is enough for me

What makes Danielle happy?

  • When I'm having the worst day ever, peanut butter M&Ms will make it brighter every time!  Laughing
  • I've always been a very tactile person.  I love, love, love soft stuffed animals, especially ones that will fit in my lap. 
  • I love to be able to snuggle, or hold hands with a close friend!  It gives me a sense of peace and belonging. 
  • Writing is one my few TRUE passions, and doing it brings me extreme joy!  Laughing
  • Getting the opportunity to educate, inspire, and enlighten brings me far more joy than I'll ever be able to put into words!