Jumping Rainbows


Since Cullen's passing just over a month ago, there have been days when I've really struggled with missing him!  I'm quite sure there are many more to come in future days!  Most days though, I find delight in remembering the good times!  When we met, I had no idea that the one I would eventually fall in love with and give ANYTHING to marry was as big of a hopeless romantic as I've always been, and ALWAYS will be!  Smile

Sunset on SanibelHe absolutely LOVED sunsets, as do I!  Smile  We talked often about watching one together, and it was something I dreamed about after he moved to the new apartment!  Unfortunately, the Lord had other plans for Cullen, and that dream didn't become a reality.  Now, though, whenever I get the opportunity to see a sunset, and it's quite rare, I know he's with me, and take great comfort in that!  Smile

Somewhere around Monday, the third, his parents left for Florida.  His mom and I have been in contact on and off since they left.  They'll be back the last week in January or first week in February.  Today though, she sent me this breathtaking picture of a sunset taken some time on their trip to Sanibel.

It reminded me so much of Cullen, it almost made me cry, happy tears of course!  SmileKiss  While we didn't get the chance to see stunning views like this during his time here, I rest assured we will some day!  Smile  That's something I look forward to more than ANYONE will ever know!  Laughing

I love you with every part of heart and soul, baby!  As far as I'm concerned, we were as close to married as we can be, and I'm SO PROUD of that!  LaughingKiss  Thank you for being you!  I love you, darling!  KissKiss

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