Anonymous' Writings

My Butt

Butt is a cute name and a cute thing.

Butt is a cute name and a cute thing. 
It's smooth symetrical sides feels soft to the touch.
When I'm warm, it's cool.  When I'm cool, it's warm.
It reviles touch from a stranger and enjoys the touch from a love.
It adds a happy bounce to my walk,
and always gives me a soft place to sit.

I love my butt!

For as long as I can remember, I've always hated my butt.  It was too wide, and stuck out too far.  I have never in my life looked at my butt in the mirror and liked what I saw.

But recently, that changed.  About nine months ago, I set out to make a change in myself.  I changed my eating habits, and began taking care of my body.  I've lost over thirty pounds since then.

Now, throughout this transformation, there have been gradual changes visible even to me.  But none have pleased me more than the one I noticed this weekend while trying on some new clothes.  As I donned a pair of black dress pants, my partner commented that they made my butt look good.  I turned to see in the mirror, and...  he was right!  That piece of furniture on the back of me was gone, and in its place were two small, yet still curvy, oval cushions.  I actually thought I looked sexy.

I can't believe it...  for the first time in my life, I love my butt!