Anonymous' Writings

My Face

Scientists and psychologists agree that beauty is a symmetrical face.

My face is not symmetrical. I have a few bumps here and there. An uneven dimple. My neck is slanted a scant 3 degrees. I always thought I had one ear lower than the other. What a difference 3 tiny degrees makes.

My face houses the eyes that I look at you with; the nose and mouth that deliver…

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My Chest

My chest can feel battered and bruised a lot cause it holds my heart.  Laying my hand over my heart is such an amazing feeling, same as feeling my pulse, just feeling the life throbing inside me.  So sure sometimes I wish I didn't have a heart so it wouldn't hurt me so much when someone hurts me.  They are amazing things.

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My Legs

My legs take me where I want to go.  Even though they aren't that straight, and they don't look quite right, they have served me my whole life.  I first learned to walk, then I learned to run.  Doctors probably didn't think I would do either.  I love my legs.  But I have to admit that sometimes I wish they were normal.

I hated my legs so much when…

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My Chin

My own chin looks like any other chin, but does every chin look like any other chin?  Probably not.  My hands and my chin are good friends.  They hang out together when I read or when I'm in deep thought.  I think they make a cute couple.

I Grab My Chin When Deep In Thought When I Have Trouble Deciding.  I Hold My Head Up By Leaning On My…

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My Stomach

It is big and round.  It shakes with every move.  It lets me know when I need to eat.  It also lets me know when I have eaten enough.  It even looks a little funny with a hole in my belly button.  But it also hides the hole at times.  It will even carry a baby in it some day.  Until then it'll keep doing everything else it does.…

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My Knees

My knees bend to help me sit down and to stand up, to swim and play.  My knees help me to swing and climb up, I use my knees every day.

If my knees didn't bend I would not be able to sit I would fall way back; because i was sodered that way Mended the doctors way Anyway that's what they say Glad I have a lap to…

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My Nose

My nose is a very amazing but often nasty little thing.  It can tell me that something is cooking.  Or even warn me of danger like fire, and I can smell rain coming which is useful.  So all in all my nose is cool, even when it annoys me by dripping and smelling unpleasant smells.

Like An Animal's Hungry Quest Nostrels Flare; Quivers And Snarrels With Smelling; Burnning Desires…

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My Eyes

My eyes are the part of my body that I treasure the most.  They give me a chance to see the wonderful things we have in this world.  The beautiful flowers, the sunshine that can brighten any one's day.  I believe the eyes open up a whole new world if you just take the time to enjoy the things God has created.  The ocean that looks like there is…

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My Hips

My hips are one of the smallest parts of my body.  They are smooth with scars.  They hold my top half of my body to the lower half.  Someday they will help balance a baby.

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My Toes

I love the feel of sand, or warm mudd between my toes.  My Toes are very ticklish things!  If you want to make me smile, tickle my toes it never fails!

Only a baby's toes are cute.  Adult toes can be pretty damned ugly.  Like flesh colored string beans.  But try this.  Spend a week outdoors, hiking in the woods.  Then when you get home, go walk barefoot on…

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My Skin

My skin is soft and smooth, I love to be touched and carressed.  It sends a warm fuzzy feeling straight through me, and helps to thaw the pain of hurt and rejection that lives deep within me.

Some men want their penis to be their biggest organ, but our skin already has that claim to fame.  Skin comes in many colors, and mine just so happens to be pinkish/white…

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My Hair

When I was a younger all the women in the hair salon would literally line up to run their fingers through my hair.  Women loved to touch it and children loved to brush it.  I had a thick head of it.

Now there's a little grey in it, but I'm not worried about it because there was some grey in it when i was 20.  There is a tiny…

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My Feet

My feet help me go anywhere I want except the the stars, they can be used for protection against pushy men or robbers.  My feet can smell at times, but shhh no one knows that but me!  Feet are so cool, they take us almost anwhere we want to go.

My feet; I try to keep discreet; Small twisted ugly One who truly loves me will not turn away…

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My Lips

My lips do not feel pleasure, not even when kissed by another.  Receiving pleasure from kissing, it comes from my soul, it comes from your desire.  Giving pleasure from kissing, it feeds my heart, it feeds my soul.  Kissing your breasts, kissing your chest, kissing your vagina.  It feeds us both.

Move Move Your Lips Closer Closer to Me Two Lips Traveling Intensively Exploring Seductively Taking Us Far Away;…

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My Body

The parts fit together like lego blocks.  Different shapes, different colors, fitting together perfectly, to form an imperfect shape.  The parts form my body.  The colors form my spirit.  They become one.  They become me.

From a very young age people started telling me I wasn't built like other people.  I was skinny, gangly, bony, coltish, gaunt- sharp words for an angular body.  As a child, it didn't bother…

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My Arms

Arms really are amazing things.  They allow us to give, and receive hugs.  They enable us to carry, and do things for other people.

They don't look like it, but my arms are strong.  They can lift me off of the floor, or pull me out of a chair.  I don't know if they would win me a tug-o-war, but I do know they can hold someone and make…

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My Back

Backs are a lot of fun!  They give piggy back rides, and enable us to receive back massages.  Pats on the back from friends are a nice feeling when you're down or you did something well.

My back is my support.  It is straighter that most, with the help of a stainless steel bar.  I wonder if it's stronger?  I haven't used it to carry children, but it holds…

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My Fingers

My fingers are my eyes in the darkness, even though I have have the gift of sight.

They're more than that...

With my fingers, I can see hot and cold, I can see the wind, I can see inside you as I feed you pleasure.

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My Ears

Earrings to be dangled from.  Melodies to soothe our souls Sweet whispers in the night mesmerizing us so dee-lite-fully Raindrops on the roof dropping some of us off to sleep.  Loud applauses to makes things feel right and neat.  They hold our hair back from our faces to do things better so we can find our places.  No matter how old they keep on growing.  Only men are annoyed…

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My Bellybutton

My Bellybutton is an innie.  Some have innies and others haves outies, but I prefer my innie.  Bellybuttons are the only remnants of the last time I was truly connected to my mother.  Mine has never collected lint.

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My Head

My head is a Polish head.  Not polished, but Polish.  My bio-father pointed it out one day in a bar.  On the back of my head, just below the top is a seemingly flat spot.  He says this is a polish trait.  I had never noticed before.  It's not visible to the naked eye and none of my naked friends seem to notice either.

Is this good or bad?…

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My Shoulders

My Shoulders are strong, and sturdy.  They help me to carry a backpack full of heavy books, and other heavy or light things.  They help hold my arms to my body, and allow them to swing back and forth and go up and down, and they make good things for ppl to massage *hint hint*

Without my shoulders i'd shudder and think to myself how lost I would be…

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My Neck

My neck is a unique thing.  It helps me carry my head high even when I am sad or hurt.  It also holds my voice, I love to sing.  I thank God for giving me my neck to help me walk tall, so my head stays above the swirling waters of life.

A little boy once said to me "Gee, you have a long neck!" It made me wonder…

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My Hands

My hands are my work horse.  They feed my my meals, help me to stand, bathe me when im dirty, and even when I am not.  My hands were made to touch.  I can touch people.  I can touch things.  I can touch myself, for both purpose and pleasure.  I can touch a woman for the same.  Without touch, we would all be blind.  Even the blind would be…

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My Butt

Butt is a cute name and a cute thing.  It's smooth symetrical sides feels soft to the touch.  When I'm warm, it's cool.  When I'm cool, it's warm.  It reviles touch from a stranger and enjoys the touch from a love.  It adds a happy bounce to my walk, and always gives me a soft place to sit.

For as long as I can remember, I've always hated my…

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