Anonymous' Writings

My Ears

Melodies to soothe our souls.

Earrings to be dangled from.
Melodies to soothe our souls
Sweet whispers in the night mesmerizing us so dee-lite-fully
Raindrops on the roof dropping some of us off to sleep.
Loud applauses to makes things feel right and neat.
They hold our hair back from our faces to do things better so we can find our places.
No matter how old they keep on growing.
Only men are annoyed comes time for their fuzzy hair mowing.
Train whistles blowing in the distance
Dogs Howling with warning caution at an instant.
Holding up our glasses for the purpose to see.
So yes it's so very quite clear to me to admit my ears are so very dear to me.

I would be sad if I couldn't hear birds sing.

My ears are funny shapped little things,but I use them 24/7.
I would be sad if I couldn't hear birds sing,
babies laugh and coo,
or the rare phrase "I love you."

Whispering Sweet Nothings

My ears manage
to grab hold
of musical notes
and accents
through the air.
I can
hear birds trilling
and bees
whispering sweet nothings
to shy flowers.