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Work and Play

So I'm thinking about going back to work sometime next year.  No idea what I'll be doing but I don't want to go back into IT.  I need something more people oriented, even if it means a sizable cut in potential income.  For the longest while I made the mistake of thinking that I was not a people person anymore but that just came from the fact I was surrounded by assholes and idiots.  I can deal with either, one on one, but not when they're packaged into the same person.

Before I do take the plunge, I need to get some miles under my feet on the local trails.  With the exception of one time while my mother was visiting, I haven't been able to go on any hikes since January of 2009 and I'm getting itchy feet.  Hiking is the only time I can completely unplug myself from everything.

The only thing stopping me right now is the heat so I'll have to wait until around October/November.  I prefer to do long day hikes but my distance covered is directly proportional to the amount of water I have to carry at a given outdoor temperature.  Between December and March, 4 liters of water is good for a 16 kilometer hike, leaving just a little left over in reserve.

I'll use the time between now and then to figure out exactly where I'll go.

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