Daniel's Writings

I do not like to wear clothes

Throughout my whole life, I never liked wearing clothes, but like most people today I was a prisoner of the textile society.  This is the same society that dictates who wears what, when, why and how.  The society that says if you don't wear this and you don't wear that, you're not cool, demanding that you express your unique individuality by looking just like everyone else.  Don't be the odd one out.  It is this society that has turned many generations of adults and children into…

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Ned and the Fat Man

A story using the words: river, ivory, briers, maps, mermaid, haunted, webs, light, anthracite, apples, tongues, flute, grey, meadow, frozen, touch, and glow.

Ned the sheep dog stood at the edge of the river, staring at the painful briers embedded deep into his left paw.  For what seemed like an eternity, he stood frozen, afraid that the slightest move would once again cause the pain to re-ignite into what could only be described as tongues of fire.  Poor Ned.

He found himself in this predicament barely…

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