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Wanted: Not Wanted

Late last night I attempted to watch the movie "Wanted."  The only actor I recognized was Morgan Freeman and until now, I've enjoyed every movie I've ever seen him in.  Not this time though.  The only thing I got out of it was that I now know which movie they were talking about when Myth-Busters dispelled the idea of bending bullet trajectory in mid flight.

It's not that any violence in movies upsets me, it is that the particular way the violence played out.

In the last part of the movie I could sit through, the protagonist is running through a very crowded train chasing the bad guy.  Guns are blazing and Mr.  Protagonist is warning people to get out of the way.  At this point, I'm seeing some sense of concern for the well being of others.

A scene or two later, and because of direct actions of the "good guys", the entire train goes over a cliff and on it's ways down, references to any of the other passengers seems to just disappear.  Guns are blazing all the way down, the scene is spectacular, but what about the other people?  All I could think of was that thousands of innocent people are now dead and they're already regarded as irrelevant.  At that point I just pushed the reject button and stuffed it back into its envelope.  This movie was senseless.

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