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Okay, I admit it.  For the past year I have had two separate journals.  Not anymore, but I did.  For the most part they were the same with many common posts, but with the other I was a bit more blunt and graphic about what was going on in my life, stuff that I did not want to share here and probably should not have shared at all.

In what turned out to be my last post on the other site, I asked a simple and sincere question thinking nobody would answer because it sounded quite rhetorical, but I got the answer I never expected.  Yes, I got the definitive answer to the single question that has puzzled me virtually all of my adult life.  I didn't like hearing it but it made a lot of sense.  Even if I could (it was anonymous) I'm not sure if I would reply with a hand and a "Thank you very much" or a finger and a "Fuck You" so I'll just give that person the combined "Fuck you very much!"

I have no more questions.  None.

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