Phillip's Writings

We are very displeased

This is the message written in the year 2010 AD burnt into the crust of the earth's, moon's surface.  The message was written in 1,000  metre letters, and could be read from earth with a good telescope.  However it took a dyslexic, cerebral palsied, astronomer to decipher the message.


Because of the strange way it was written.  It was written in every language still in use  on the planet.  But no one, but a cerebral palsied dyslexic, would have been able to see the message, let alone try to decipher it.  Why would a being write a message that only a very few people with a very specific set of disabilities could read?  These questions were about to be revealed.

The person, was wearing a  costume that would have made Moses look like, well, how we would have imagined  Moses.  His first appearance was in the United Nations offices in New York.  He did not appear to be a very noble or memorable person, yet there was a sense of dignity that unsettled the people present.  He started to speak and though the words were extremely affected they were understood in the language and dialect of the individual without the need for interpreters.

His name he told them was, The Sound Of Pigeon Shit Hitting The Windshield Of A Car, Ffffftt-splat for short, or when with children, Pigeon.

His voice, someone suggested, sounded strangely like a person with a speech impediment.  The being was, however completely understood as if  the message was being placed directly into the brains of the people present.

"The message  went like this.  "I am the younger brother of Jesus Christ and I am disabled.

Pandora in Greek, or Eve in the Bible, was the first woman.  As they left The Garden Of Eden, Pandora was handed a sealed box, and was told not to open it, but having eaten of the tree of good and evil she could not resist.  She opened the box, which contained all the human evils that have plagued the human race since the expulsion.  I gave her the box.  She opened it at her own cost.  I knew she would.

In opening the box, she released all the frailties, disabilities, and diseases, but last to leave the box were three other beings that were placed in the box.  These beings had no point to their existence without the release of the other contents and were therefore locked in the box.

The three beings I had also locked up in the box love, compassion and hope.  Eve realised what she had done and was about to jump of a cliff when Hope stepped in and prevented her.  Compassion made Adam forgive Eve her human frailty and love bound them together for the rest of their lives.  It was only when the three beings entered the world that man became fully human.

The human race is at the moment trying to put all the evils that were released  in that moment back into Pandora's box.  Each time another disease or frailty  is locked into the box you  also shed some humanity, some element of your humanity is removed, lost forever.  Pain is not a good thing that's why so many plants have pain relieving qualities.

Without compassion and hope, love becomes merely a word.  Humanity is a fragile thing.  And homo-sapiens are in danger of loosing it.

Medicine wants to shut the box, but in shutting the box it means shutting off all physical, mental, and other weaknesses that make humanity human.  This denial of your frailness and vulnerability is a denial of your humanity.  Humans are frail creatures.  It is this frailty that makes you human.  Once you've cured, solved, and  safely locked away all the evils that were released so long ago, in the far distant past, will you be any happier.  Do you really want to find out the frightening truth, that you need this fragility to remain human, by removing the vestiges of frailty you will cease to be human.  You will still remain homo sapiens, but you will have lost something of greater value than life.

Life is messy.  You have so compartmentalised and sanitised life that the germ has become the modern boogyman to be hunted and killed without mercy.

A scientist with absolute faith in the right of man to live without suffering approached with the intention of confronting Pigeon.  The scientist, a young man of average build, dressed in a white coat, with absolute optimistic faith in the power of science to cure all ills facing mankind.  He was dedicated  to putting back the evils that were unleashed so long ago.

The scientist hears about the holy crip, and seeks him out.

The scientist and Pigeon meet.

The scientist after a moments silence starts, "You are not needed, go back where you come from and do not return.  It is not your time.  You speak of freedom and choice in the face of pain and suffering, you dignify suffering, by making pain and suffering holy and noble.  Science is alleviating the suffering you claim ennobles the human spirit.  Oh, you will claim suffering is the price we pay to be human.  You will say that life is a risky business and that there is nobility in risk.  That life without risk is ignoble, even a travesty.  But the people don't like risk and science has been working to remove risk, this is as the people wish.

There is no nobility in risk, a crap game has no nobility, nor does the gamble that you have made of life.  Science will shut Pandora's box after putting back all the evils that plague mankind.  Scientists seek no rewards, no honours, no worship.

In this bright new world that science will make possible, compassion will have no point to it, and will be seen as a weakness to be destroyed.  Hope will disappear because science will have solved all man's problems.  We will remake the garden of Eden and we will not allow the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to grow there .  We hope for a better life, science will make it happen.  There will be no disability.  All pain will be cured with a tablet or therapy.

By removing the need for hope, people will feel free.  Hope is fixated on the future, but the future will be planned and controlled.  Social scientists will determine human worth and pleasure will come in the shape of a pill  without the need for messy biological pleasures.  Everything will be possible.  We will be living in the best of all worlds.  What will there be to hope for?  But we also hope for events that we wish not to happen, but if we could control  the weather, you would know for certain that it will rain at a certain time.  We would all be aware of this, this would remove the need for hope.

You would have us believe in free will and would allow us the right to make mistakes.  You believe that we can and do learn from our mistakes.  Science will remove the possibility of error.

There will be no mystery to the universe, no need for elaborate explanations that involve supernatural beings, spirituality or divine intervention.  Man in his weakness has created these to feel that someone is in control, that there is some point, some purpose, to life.  Life has never had a purpose, we scientists understand this, and have therefore manufactured the purpose.  We have given purpose to the masses.  The purpose we have created is to understand and to know.  Science is a purpose the people can believe in.

You are here, why have you come to disrupt and destroy the progress we have made?  Go back where you came from, we don't want what you are offering.  If you stay, you will be removed to a psychiatric clinic, labeled insane, and left to rot."

After a few minutes of silence Pigeon asks "What progress have you made towards understanding the individual and unique properties that are inherent in all humans.  You would reduce art, poetry, beauty and personality to a science.  In doing so you will reduce the worth of such values.  They cannot be reduced to a formula that can be understood.  There is value in not understanding beauty, understanding beauty will reduce beauty to a formula.  Will you remove beauty from the world?"

The scientist responds, " What is beauty?"

After a few minutes Pigeon rose to his feet leaned forward and kissed the scientist.  The scientist was touched but wouldn't be moved.  The two parted.