Nadia's Writings

To Nose

Nothing is forever as it seems
Rest in peace, escape the pain
Except in my heart you will always remain
Without you in this world
Nothing will ever feel quite the same.

Do you hear me?
Are you there?
Enter my dreams, I scream
Appear to me if you dare
For I won't easily scare.  I swear
I miss you Dear, Close, Forever Friend and hope you take care.
Sometimes life just isn't fair!
And death seems so unjust.

Please stay in contact so I can still confide
For between us, there is nothing to hide
And so much to share,
You were always selflessly there
Expressing steadfast and constant care
wishing our memories won't fade or disappear with a hopefully whirling gusting wind or fade with the tide.

Now I, who is left behind trying to comprehend,
Before I rust
Then slowly, transpose into dust
For me now, progressing forward is a must...  a Must.

As i am Sadly sitting here feeling crushed!