Nadia's Writings

Desperation Got Me Down Down To The Ground

Hanging on not just by a thread but by a hair; my life is in limbo.
My mind is boggled down with tomorrows needs that never get met.
Waiting; waiting trying so very hard to get to another deed or chore; my chin is dragging once more on the floor.
Again and again I ask myself is life going to let me live it; or will I wear down to nothingness?
I try to expand my mind to push forward but life for me stands still.
Bit by bit pieces of me tear away; getting lost in the stillness!
I desperately need some momentum.
I fooled myself into believing i needed no one till there was no one.
I need something to hold onto.
Searching; I reach out;there it is ; almost once more it slips though my fingertips.
I am forever chasing snowflakes; life is evaporating right before my eyes as if i never tried.
Will there be anything left of me before i get started or will I just become a fleeting memory full of ideas and hope?
Life has to be more tangible then that; does it not?