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Flash Fiction: It was a stark and dormy night...

My writing prompt was "It was a stark and dormy night…"

It was a stark and dormy night that marked Melissa's first night away from home and at college.  Thoughts about this very day had run through her mind since she was a little girl, but today, now, her only thoughts were of how to tune out the endless drone of tiny feet scurrying past her dorm room door.  Her lifetime of anticipation of the wonders of academic life was shattered by a seemingly simple mistake she could never have foreseen -- Melissa had moved in during Fenster Hall's Annual Hamster Race 2014 and today was the first day of pre-trials.

While we're at it, here is a great one from The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest of 2003.

Although Sara could believe the brassiere she had found was from a mix-up at the Laundromat, that the lipstick on Bill's collar really had been from a cramped elevator, that the stiletto heel was indeed something the cat dragged in, but when she pulled Chloe's unmistakable prosthetic arm from under the bed, she realized she had been played for a fool.  (Nicholas R.  Eaton, Saint Charles)

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