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Cleaning, books and food.

I haven't been hiking this week but plan to go Saturday.  For the past week I've been dividing my time up between spring cleaning, reading and making it a point to spend time making more labor intensive meals.

My particular version of spring cleaning involves pulling everything out of every nook and cranny and then either throwing the item out or cleaning it and putting it back.  It's amazing how much dust accumulates in the hidden places.  At the moment my home is in absolute disarray but it will be in fine shape within a week or so.  Yes, I am taking my time.

This week I made a homemade Chicken Pot Pie, sans the peas and carrots.  I hate all peas no matter what form or temperature they come in.  As for carrots, I like them raw but I don't  have much use for them when cooked.  Mine pot pie consisted of diced chicken breast, potatoes and kernel corn floating in a thick Creme of Chicken soup plus broth, and for the crust I used a slightly less thick buttermilk biscuit recipe.  It tasted so good and made me happy.

Tonight I set the kitchen portion of spring cleaning back by at least a day.  I let some thin sliced chicken breast marinade in a delicious spicy Korean Teriyaki sauce for half the day and then stir-fried it and served it to myself on a bed of Jasmine rice.  Yum.  The setback came when the chicken met the oil in my wok and the oil spattered everything within 3 feet of the wok.  I'm glad i had clothes on!

As for reading, I finally got my Amazon Kindle and have been devouring words in every spare moment.  In the first couple hours I had it I was able to read about 200 pages of the first book I'm on.  So far I've have put about 80 books on it so I should be busy for a while.  Since I promised my friend Danielle I would dedicate a blog post to the pros and cons of owning a Kindle, I wont give much more info about it now other than to say I love it.

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