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Moon Rock and Cat Peaks Trail

Today I did an assortment of trails in about a 5 mile loop.  When I left it was a brisk 47 degrees, which goes quite nice with shorts and a t-shirt.

Cholla CactusI started out going East on the Blevins Trail for about a half mile and then crossed over to the 1.5 mile Moon Rock Trail.  This section was very visually appealing as it winds its way though a forest of Cholla cactus.  The "Moon Rock" part of the name I'm guessing comes from a grouping of large round boulders near the half way point.

After meeting back up with the Blevins Trail it was a straight 1.5 miles to the Cat Peaks Trail.  Looking way up I could make out people taking photos from the summit.  I may try that myself at some point soon.  Though the maps say that it's only 1/2 mile from that junction to the Pass Mountain Trail junction, it seemed longer.  What I didn't realize is at that point, you leave the Regional Park System and enter the Tonto National Forest.  The Pass Mountain Trail had a lot more hills and considerable debris which made it a little more challenging but nothing I couldn't handle by slowing down and watching my steps carefully.

In all, I did 5 miles in just over 2 1/2 hours.

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