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What a day!

What a great day!  A nice 78f winter day.  Is it really still winter?  We only have 3 seasons here so I lose track.  Whatever.  All I know is that if is the last thing on Earth that I do, I am bringing robes back in style as the day to day clothing of choice.  The weather is too great and life is too short to be imprisoned in restrictive shirts, pants and the rest.  Do they still wear them in the Middle East?  I'll have to do some web surfing.  Still, the weather is great.

Dinner, on the other hand, isnt going so well.  I've been craving pillsbury crescent dogs (kosher dogs, of course), but the oven decided otherwise.  When I opened it to put the goodies in, I noticed a rocket type flame eminating from the heating coil.  Transfered them to the toaster oven and am now awaiting the results.

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