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Membership and Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in becoming a member of SaidSimple, here's the scoop:

First and foremost, this site is about the written word so members are expected to have the ability and willingness to creatively express themselves and be understood by others.  If you're someone who takes pride in your words then you will fit in just fine.

At this time full membership is mostly limited to people I know in person; those I chat with online; and to the friends and family of those who are already members.  But, again, if you are someone who has the ability and willingness to creatively express themselves and be understood by others, please contact me.

All submissions are subject to the following no-nonsense guidelines.

  1. No kids.  Hey, I love kids, kids are cool but kids can't be members.  Sorry.  You have to be 18 or older to be a member of this site.  If you're a parent and would like to contribute something that your own child wrote, hey cool.
  2. Do no harm.  If you don't like someone, fine, that's your business, just don't wish him/her/it harm here.  If you like drugs, hey rot your brains out for all I care, just don't try to convince others here to take or sell drugs.  It's the same with scumbag politicians.  You don't have to like them and you can write all about them but if you make any threats other than to not vote for them, expect action on my part and probably some men in black too.
  3. No pornography.  For the record, the owner of this site is a nudist.  In fact, the owner of this site downright hates to wear clothes.  Clothes are icky.  Non-sexual nudity is healthy and could go a long way to curing a ton of today's social ills.  The owner of this site believes that mom, dad, the kids and the grandparents should all be allowed to be nude anywhere they please.  That being said, the owner of this site can tell the difference between nudity and pornography and so can you.  Don't cross that line.  I will delete anything that I feel is erotic exhibitionism or exploitative.  If it involves harming or exploiting children, expect me not only turn your sorry ass over to the appropriate government agencies but to also give your home address over to people who do not like your kind.
  4. No pornography - Part II.  Somewhere on this site you may find content that deals with sexual health and there may even be images that go along with the subjects.  The obvious intent is to talk about sexual health, not post erotica.  Don't post erotica here.
  5. No stealing.  Do not post copyrighted music, software, images, files or text unless you have explicit written permission from the copyright owner.  I will respond to DMCA complaints.
  6. Minimal Borrowing.  Please keep the posting of copyrighted song lyrics to an absolute minimum or not at all.  Yes, I know that some songs touch our souls deeply, but there are millions of songs out there.  This site is about using your words to touch the souls of others.
  7. No supporting naughtiness.  Do not post links to places where people do any of the bad stuff mentioned above.

If all of the above is cool with you and you would like to contribute something to SaidSimple, click here to contact me.  Please note that I reserve the right to reject any contribution for any reason what-so-ever and without explanation.  Please have samples of your writings available because I will ask for them before giving you an account.