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Reality Bites

I don't know who reads these blogs, and right at this moment I don't even care.  My daughter, the mother of my precious grandson, is riding an emotional rollercoaster and we just happen to be in the cars right behind her.  If someone does not get their act together, we may just have to call Guido in for an attitude adjustment.  Hoping for the best.  I will delete this message if there's even a glimmer of hope. 

Have a nice day. 

Edit 03/11/08

My son-in-law is divorcing my daughter, the past couple weeks have been extreemly heartbreaking.  Not only has it devistated my child, but like a pebble being tossed in the still water, the ripple effect has reached everyone who knows and loved them.  Today, she seemed stronger, more confident as she faces this new road ahead of her.  I wish her more love then she's ever been given before and strength as they continue to partner in raising our grandson together.  I love you both so very much. 

Update 06/23/08

The divorce was final last week.  My daughter took back her maiden name.  I learned last week there is another woman in his life.  If he didn't find happiness w/ my daughter will he with anyone else?  Are we ever REALLY happy? 

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