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Even though each of our bodies are unique, and no two bodies are really alike, nudity is the great equalizer. People dress in "costumes" in the clothed world. The "costume" is designed to present an image. That image may be as a successful business person, or to boast of wealth, or perhaps to label the person as "down-to-earth", or sexy by accenutating certain aspects of the human form. Perhaps possessing a great ability to be stylish and chic.

These "costumes" also have the ability to create…

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The Chair

It's been 17 months now since I met the man of my dreams. He's in a wheelchair, and I am not. I think that in my youth I may not have considered him a suitable candidate as a potential mate. The chair would have intimidated me. It intimidated me still when the day came that he did cross my path, but thankfully, by that time I possessed the maturity to keep an open mind and actually speak my fears to him. He did not make me…

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