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The Wiggles

Last night, I attended the most entertaining concert I've ever been too with my daughter Cami and grandson Jackson.  The band consisted of 4 talented Australian mates:  Sam the lead singer wearing yellow, Anthony the drummer wearing blue, Jeff the narcoleptic, keyboard player wearing purple and Murray, the guitar player in red.  Add one energetic, friendly pirate with a feather sword, a green polka dotted too-too wearing dinosaur, a big furry brown dog, an eight legged purple octopus and some quick changing dancers that didn't stop.  Add thousands of wee hyper children and exhausted parents, you've found yourself in a WIGGLES Concert! 

The reaction of  Jackson was priceless.  He heard us talking of the concert for a few days but I suppose he thought we were going to watch it on TV again!  You should have seen his face when the guys came out in the Big Red Car!   

He danced and sang to almost every song.   

I was so excited myself that I embarrassed my daughter by standing up to sing and dance Rockabye Your Bear, I was the only one on my feet...Sit down!  My oops! 

We woke Jeff up numerous times when he would fall asleep toward the end of a song with a rousing "Wake up Jeff!"  He such a crowd pleas-er, I was amazed at his energy! 

Anthony is such a sweetie, and that smile!  Jackson loved his drum playing as he's a budding drummer himself.  We all sang along, Fruit Salad Yummy, Yummy and watch them toss about large fruit bouncing it off of each other! 

Murray was so much fun, he played his guitar almost the whole time, sometimes even when he danced!  He came out into the crowed and interacted with the kids.  I have to admit, he's my favorite.  Murray even WOWed the adult crowd with a few bars of Stairway to Heaven! 

Sam Moran replaced Greg who was with the group from the inception.  Greg is suffering from orthostatic intolerance.  Put simply, it means that when Greg stands up, his heart does not compensate for the change in posture by pumping more blood around his body for it to function properly.  This condition is causing problems with his walking, balance, speech and coordination.  Greg retired recently and handed over his Yellow "skivie" to Sam, who by the way did marvelous!  He blended in so well and was in terrific voice! 

Last but not least there is Captain Feathersword, played by Paul Paddick, "Ahoy there me hearties!" 

I adore silly men, this man may have taken Jackie Chan down a notch or two...    

It was an awesome night!  One none of us will soon forget!  I highly recommend a Wiggle Concert if they are in your area! 

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