Outside the Box

I Took the Bait

So...the other day I am at Target.  There, in the toy area end thingy I took the bait...a TMX Tickle Me Elmo!  I put the box in my cart wandered around trying to decide if I really wanted to invest in this character that Jackson just recently fell in love with.  In my wandering I decided that I'd put him back and maybe get it later and made my way back to the isle.

And there, at the end of the isle was a petite blonde woman with a cell phone attached to her ear.  I watched with amazement as she was piling the remaining 15 or so TXM Tickle Me Elmo's in two carts...shouting "I got them all!" And then, she spotted me, with my lone box in my cart...she looked at my cart lustfully, and then looked me in the eye, I did a Clint Eastwood glare, put my hand over my TMX Tickle Me Elmo box and said..."you ain't getting this one dearie" and turned my cart around and ran to the check out! 

Now I hear that there are NO TMX Tickle Me Elmo's in the Phoenix area... 

Is there such a thing as an emot with a fish and a hook?????

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