Allie's Writings

I was asked earlier what effect my disability has.

This got me wondering, what would I be like if I wasn't disabled.

Would I be:

More confident? I may appear confident on the outside, but often worry whether I am doing the right thing when in social situations. I am very conscious of what I am doing and am watching for cues all of the time. Being deaf doesn't help as a lot of cues are missed.

Maybe I am just a naturally reserved/private person. I…

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What are ATC's?

I expect you're thinking, what are ATC's.

Well ATC's are Artist's Trading Cards -miniture works of art basically. They measure 2.5" x 3.5" and swapped and collected. They should never be sold.

I am on a craft forum, many of us create and exchange ATC's. Sometimes there is a theme, other times we just design them in what ever way we so choose. I enjoy experimenting with new craft techniques and this size piece of art work is perfect for those experiments.

There are some pictures…

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The Internet & Friendships

The internet can be a great tool, and open up new horizons for us all. One place where the internet can help, but also be at a risk of hurting us, is with building and maintaining friendships.

The net is a great way to keep in contact with "real world" friends, and re-establish old friendships from school/college days. It allows you to drop a line to friends in an instant, where as you might not get round to writing that letter for a while.

There are…

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