Phillip's Writings

The Last Human

I am the last human being alive.  The inter-species war has killed every other human being.  I will be dead soon too.

The process that has led to the Earth becoming uninhabitable for humans has been a slow process over the past 500,000 years.  The arrogance of humans in the 21st century  has resulted in a failure to evolve as a race.  This arrogance said that humans had finished evolving this mentality had began the long road to extinction.200,000 years prior neanderthal man ruled the earth and we evolved and exterminated them.  Fossils showing that modern man and neanderthal man existed at the same time.  However the superiority of modern man won out.

What happened to man's superiority?  We must look back at human history to find the answer to this question.  The arrogance of humans was a cause.  We simply refused to evolve.  We went after every genetic change with a passion.  We stopped evolution.  Each potential change was rooted out, identified and eliminated.  We claimed to be finished as a race.  We claimed that any genetic change in the human gene pool was bad for humanity.

We as a race were the ultimate arrogance.  We were the final result of evolution.

Genetics became our doom.  We stopped evolving, but other creatures were spurred on by the mechanisms we developed to destroy them.

I am no different, genetically speaking, from any other human being living in the 21st century, after the genome project.  We stopped evolution.  No major genetic changes could occur genetically for humans, everywhere else we encouraged evolution.

We bred cows the size of elephants.  Cows fart continuously.  This was a mistake.  We failed to recognise the environmental catastrophe we were causing.  The methane from cows farting caused the green house effect, which caused the temperature to rise, which in turn resulted in atmospheric fires that burnt off the gases the cows farted.  We finally got them all out.

The roach was a favourite of geneticists.  The evolution of bigger roaches and more intelligent roaches was a result of our treatment of them.  We poisoned them with chemical methods to kill them, but these chemicals altered the roaches slowly they evolved into creatures of children's nightmares.  Their size increased and their  immunity increased so we developed stronger chemicals to deal with the roach.  Each time we developed a new chemical in the biological war against the roach the roach evolved new ways of coping.  It also became more intelligent, finally reaching self awareness in the year 2,403 ad.  By this time the roach was as big as a sheep.  They were however still evolving the final size was as big as a shetland pony.

The wars that were fought were terrible mankind was at a disadvantage as the brain size of the roach was increased as a result of the new chemicals humans developed to wage war on the roaches.  Roach intelligence soon out stripped that of the humans.  The Roaches have over time having evolved into the  higher  intelligent life form and are now verging on space travel something that humans have failed to do.  We failed to do this as it would require genetic modifications of humans.  We never made it to the stars.