Nadia's Writings

You Just Never Know

When I was married you admired me for my attentiveness to my husband; house; to others when around and all my creative abilities; cooking; decorating; my humor; my looks or so you said!
When you get tired of your wife can I have her?  you would say!------ - - - -
Years pass- - - - I'm dancing in a club; I'm single; you buy me drinks- - - -
beg me to dance with you  because it was  your birthday!  Well as you may have guessed I was also lonely too I didn't know the single game was vulnerable and took your word to be true yes I did!  spend the night!  Looking forward to many more visits since we
were also friends and I thought  you felt so comfortable with me or so you replied ;Hmmmmmm?- - - - - more years go by- - - I  see you at many outside concerts with other common friends?- - - - You ignore me;Hmmmmm?
  Once a year for a few more years this goes on?  - - - The others you hang with say hi but you don't?  - - - you are with a woman so what?  I have also moved on for many years with my own life?  - - -
See you many more times :Now you are there also with children still no acknowledgment of my existence?
More years go by Then I am surprized to hear from someone who knows you that your wife and children have left you for almost  perhaphs?  the same reason you have
decided to make me invisible!- - -?
  YOU Have Become Crippled from A Massive Stroke!- - - And I can't help but wonder?  - - - -???
And I think with sin and  full of malice and am a bit ashamed?  And  I am surprised  At my own thoughts?- - - - -

Now you too know how It feels to be the one- - -
Who Is rejected!; neglected!; dejected!
Almost invisible!

Maybe now; sometimes maybe- - - -?  I cross your mind;  Laying there
That you payed me no mind!
Were unkind to my state of mind!
How you blew me off;  passed me  over
Because you thought I wasn't worth your time!  Humf!
I felt  ostracized at the time!
Now  it's your turn!
To wallow in your own lonely slime!
And realize indifference is a hurt full  emotional crime!

Maybe you'll be lucky & find someone?
To notice you?; feel for you?; care for you?
Be there for you?
Or not?


Maybe you'll come out of all this just FINE?