Nadia's Writings

When will the mourning stop

/uploads/daniel/nose.gifMy Protector; Soulmate; Helpmate is gone!  GONE?  My heart feels so heavy with grief it mars!  Maybe I will plant a red maple tree like  your long red hair blowing wild and free; dreams reaching out to the sky; with no limits reminding me of our yesterdays young bright hopes & surprises with it's roots grabbing the earth so strong like inexperienced  youths beginnings; --- only to be shaken by  realities harsh winds from tomorrows dark skies; blowing messy bright; colorfull leaves around falling  like mournful tears from my eyes perhaps; scattering fears about --- then tying trying to catch all of them too : in a tidy pile as if lifes has guarantees then could be kept; swept up neatly in; a bag showing off it's bright colors giving us some small glint of hope; holding on to happy times as long as we can; only to  have time change & shrivel and return to natures compost heap then trying to nourish steady; strong roots back  ;hopefully being able to  grab on to many secure cycles of  new beginnings as I hear many singing birds emitting&elimamating  off a limb giving back to nature  as you have; instead of flipping the bird you may be surprisingly be doused from a quick swift sway & maybe a spray of the tree followed by a sarcastic whisperings Tee!  Hee!  Hee!  Perhaps this future tree rejuvenates my memories moving me on so slowly perhaps happily,At least contentedly.