Gene's Writings

Dance With Me

Feelings buried deep within.
Can not tell where I have been.
Desire so deep that I can feel.
Myself inside of  you.

Please come to me and let me know.
How it is that love can grow.
So softly it is my lovers touch.
Wrapped around me with love so much.

Come to me and set me free.
From the fires that beset in me.
Softly breathing upon your skin.
Brings me out the best I am

Share in crescendo we become.
The two have blended into one.
We softly kiss with reverence.
Surrendered love of adamance.

You have come to me and honor me.
With a kind of love that we can't see.
I drink you in with all I have.
Soft and gently we're set free. 

Softly now you speak those words. 
That far to many never heard.
You honor me with passions need.
Wrapped together you take my seed.

My darling I don't know what to do.
I have come to know and see whats true.
What is posable for the two.
As you whisper.  "I love you".

You have become a part of me.
So deep inside I can't be free.
Take my hand dear and let this be.
This sacred place you dance with me.