Diane's Writings

Apology Accepted

I took a nap.  I love the way his pillows smell.  I was more tired than I realized.

I put my clothes in a neat pile beside the bed with my cell phone on top.  Figured I'd hear it ring when he called to tell me he finally left the office.  I didn't.

Seems he called me three times on my cell and three times on his home number.  I was fast asleep.  He thought I had gotten mad because he made me wait and had already left so he didn't get the software.  When he got home around 7ish, that's when he saw my car in his driveway blocking his garage door and knew I was there.  I don't normally park in the driveway because I know he brings his car in that way.

To make things worse, I had pulled up to the left side of his driveway and hadn't left enough room for him to get his wheelchair to his front door.  He could get in, but not easily.  He'd have to go across his lawn.

I woke up around 7:30, the bedroom was dark, and I wasn't sure where I was at first.  I hurried to get dressed, half asleep, and called him on his cell.  He was parked out front smoking a cig and a little mad.  Poor thing.  He grumbled a little and I apologized profusly for blocking his path to his house.

We had a little talk about him treating me the way he did last night and he did his whole hat in hand thing like I expected.  It helped that he was appropriately appreciative of the difference the weight gain and workouts have had on me.

Flattery will get you everywhere.