Derek's Writings

How Dare You!

How dare you!  (Just a rant)

This is just a little rant about something I have felt on and off over the years I have been disabled, I don't want anybody to take it personally but to look at it from our perspective!

How dare you!  How dare you eat that sugarcoated jelly filled donut when your blood sugar levels are already too high and you have type II diabetes, you know you're not supposed to, do you think the pill the doctor gave you will fix everything without any effort on your behalf?  Don't you know the damage you are doing to yourself or do you just not care?

How dare you eat that greasy bacon and fried eggs smothered in butter when your cholesterol is so high you are on medication and have already been diagnosed with heart disease, wasn't the trip to the hospital last year enough?  Why do you disrespect yourself this way?  Why don't you appreciate the gift that you have?

How dare you treat your liver that way consuming vast amounts of alcohol, don't you realise what it's doing to you and those around you, how you treat them?  What it turns you into?

Why are you smothering everything in salt?  Did you think the doctor was joking when he told you to cut it out?  Or is it just that you know better and he is just a fool?  Why are you finding it so hard to look after yourself?  What is stopping you?

Why the hell are you smoking?  Do you really have any doubt that it's damaging your health when you can't even laugh without having such an intense coughing fit you go red in the face and gasp for air?  Do you think those warnings on packets are just sarcasm?  And that lung cancer doesn't really exist?

Who do you think you are kidding?

You're insulting me!  I would give my left nut to have what you have, a working body, yet you treat it like garbage!  I don't understand!

I sit here in my wheelchair, with this broken body and wonder why?  Is it jealousy?  Is it envy?  Or is it the utter lack of respect you have for your own body that is pissing me off?  Maybe it's a combination!  But how dare you!

On top of that, you have the audacity to complain!  You're feeling fat?  Then get up off your backside put that hamburger down and go for a walk, I wish I could come with you, it would do us both good don't you think?  But oh, I cannot, what a shame, but you can!

You're sick of coughing, and complain constantly about the price of cigarettes, while I'm laying here barely able to breathe!  And by the way, your blowing the smoke my way!  How dare you!

Your chest hurts every time you climb a set of stairs, and you moan about it!  Don't you realise how lucky you are?  You just climbed the stairs!  If only, if only, if...

I could go on and on but I think you get my point, have a little respect for the wonderful gift that you have, a working body, and have a little consideration for those who don't have one around you when you are deliberately abusing it, I know it isn't normal to think about these things unless something happens drastically to make you think about them, but mostly I'm addressing those of you who live with somebody who would give anything to have what you have, and you just don't seem to realise or give a damn!

How dare you!