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A shameless plug for our new hosting company,

It has already happened a couple times over the years and it finally happened again.  I got an email in the late evening from the host provider for Disabilities-R-Us informing me that they were "exiting the business of providing hosting services effective immediately" and to "back up your data and sites now!"  No prior warnings or clues.  No defined grace period.  No refunds of money paid in advance.  It was goodbye and they meant it.  Panic!

Normally migrating to a new site can take days.  First you have to find one, a reputable one.  Then you have to transfer all the files, edit configuration files, compile code, and then run system and integrity checks, etc.  It's a pain in the butt and usually takes days.

I've used AWS for a long time but they didn't have the specific configuration I needed for this particular site.  I've heard good things about Rackspace but they were out of our budget range.  We survive on donations.

Enter into the rescue.  Wow.  They had the exact configuration we needed and a price we could actually afford.  Their control interface is actually pleasing to use.  This may sound stupid but their logo is adorable too.  From start to finish, I was able to migrate the entire site (including compiling all of the code) and have it online in less than 2 hours.  Unlike my last few hosts, Vultr has millions of deployments so I know they're not going away.

I could give you all of the technical specs but it's just better to go to their site and get all of the details rather than the few details I can recite from memory.

Shameless plug follows:  If you decide to sign up for an account, please use our affiliate link:  For each new signup via this link, $10 goes to Disabilities-R-Us.  Even if they didn't have an affiliate program, I would still have written every word of this.  I'm that impressed.  You can believe me because our last host had the same offer but I never felt comfortable enough to recommend them to anyone.

From all of the members of Disabilities-R-Us, thanks Vultr!

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