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No longer a slave.

This morning, Alicia and I met with our friends Brian and Sheryl for bible study at the McDonalds down the street.  I let them know that I finished my big project, which was updating this site after a decade of sameness.  I also gave them the standard "trigger warning" that much of my long past posts are anything but pretty.  I've left these posts intact to show people there have been major transformations in my life and thought processes since then.

A lot of my past was full of fear, anger, anxiety, self-hatred and a ton of other mixed emotions.  It was a difficult time in my life.  My outlook on life has evolved since then and still is evolving to this very moment.

Alicia and I just spent the last few hours discussing the things here and it led me to ask myself  "Who and where am I today?"  I'm right here…

From We Will Not Be Shaken (Live) - Bethel Music

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