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Today I went for a walk for the first time since I walked home from the hospital on the night of Amber's surgery.  On that night I walked from the hospital to the light rail and took the train, then walked to the apartment to cook our meal for the next day.  Before I could finish it, Alicia and Alina came by and we ended up eating most of it.  We laughed and thought of all the things we could tell Amber when she got home.

For today's walk, I walked the same route she used to take every day to my apartment, and then a little further to the store to buy fresh produce to make Stovies.  I finally got my seasoning proportions right on it so it would be just right for her.  I had planned to finally make it for her during her post-surgery down time.  I was really looking forward to this.

Walking is important and I need to keep it up for my health.  It's something Amber and I did almost every day, if only to get a fountain soda at Circle-K or Fry's.  Even on days when she asked if I planned on stopping by and I told her I couldn't, I would usually surprise her by showing up anyway.  Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.  She needed the wants more than she wanted the needs.

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