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Something new logoI took some time off of working on the new update to SaidSimple to work on a side project.  I needed to create a new and separate site because some of my goals are entirely different.  I even considered using one of the other public blogging sites but their advertising models have gone off the deep end and made them cumbersome to use, if not flat out useless.

My new site is called GenericJournal and it's the exact opposite of SaidSimple.  While this site is more about personal blogs, GenericJournal is geared more toward topic oriented blogs.  SaidSimple is very visual, GenericJournal is pure text.

A couple people have asked for SaidSimple blogs but unfortunately I lost all of the emails after I sold  Sorry about that.  For normal blogs, I will be adding new people here when the new site design is done, but if your blog idea was about a specific topic you're knowledgeable and passionate about, then GenericJournal might be the better place.  Please use the contact form here to get back in touch with me.

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