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All is not forgotten

Yep, I'm still around.  Been busy.  Still busy, in fact.

About Amber, after another 14 day stay in the hospital, with a lot of meetings, fancy footwork and dealing with state agencies, the hard work and patience finally paid off!  Amber has a new home.  It is her very own place, with 24/7 caregivers assigned just to her, and to top it off, a wheelchair van.  This is a dream come true and she's excited.  She's getting to know the area and is slowly making new friends.  A service dog and wheelchair soccer is in the works.  The only bad thing is that her wheelchair broke the day she moved to her house but it should be repaired any day now.

Now that she's all settled in, I've been keeping busy with the re-write of this site.  A new look and much easier administration of the site for members.

I didn't get to do any desert hikes at all so far but now it's getting too warm to dare trying.  I'll hold off until November.  I haven't been lazy though.  I still get many miles a week in walking to the store.

Hopefully i'll have the new version of the site up in a few weeks.

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