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2009What a year!

Back in grade school I remember that our first writing assignment every year was always "What I did during Summer vacation."  For this, I don't even know how to detail it so I'll just keep it minimalist.

This year I made a ton of new associates and a few new friends.  Some longtime friends died and some are now desperately trying not to.  Others just faded into the sunset.

I did more hiking this year than I have probably done in my entire life.

I found time to paint a few river rocks and even more time to take a lot of nature pictures.

I've lost a lot of weight, perhaps too much.

As time permits, I am making my way through hundreds of books on my Amazon Kindle

I'm still not working, at least not for pay.

I went to Food City...  alone...  and lived to tell the story.

It only took half my life but I found my voice buried in the lyrics of a song and I haven't lost it again since.

Now I live every day like there will never be a last one till they're gone,
And they're gone.
I'm too proud to beg for your attention and your friendship and your time,
So you can come and get it from now on..

Over the summer I took a solo 45 day, 5000+ mile road trip up and down the West coast.  I visited all of my family as well as Amber while she was still in Portland.

Amber moved to Phoenix and I spent exactly 2 weeks practically living at Banner Desert Samaritan Hospital while they brought her back to health.  For the last 2 months I have spent all day, every day with her while helping her get into the system here.  From all that I got a crash course in medications, medical procedures, therapies, insurance and how to deal with a pile of government agencies.  I've trained doctors, nurses and caregivers on proper patient care when it's supposed to be the other way around.  I have to be the strong one.  Nobody can ever say that I don't keep my promises.

I've been to so many different hospital emergency rooms that I can now cite them in order of perceived amenities and as well as my personal preferences.

As far as my own health, I still choose to keep that information private, but will say that aside from feeling very tired, I am content.

I'm starting to believe that maybe I'm a good person after all.

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