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Traveling to the PRC

Today my day started out a 2:30am, which is something I haven't done for quite some time.  I loaded my packed bags into my car and headed to the Peoples Republic of California.  With only 4 quick stops for gas, I drove 987 miles in 16½ hours.  For this trip I used a newer Navigon GPS and it took me on a route that I've never done before and I'm not sure I could duplicate it even if i tried.

My lodging for most of this trip is in my 23 year old dome tent and at the moment it is set up in my parents back yard.  You may think I'm crazy, but to me this is heaven.  If I could live the rest of my days in a tent I surely would.  In warmer days I just sleep out under the stars in my sleeping bag, but for now, and since I did not bring my cold weather gear, I brought a new twin size air mattress with a built in battery operated pump and an electric blanket.  This isn't "camping" yet so I am afforded a few simple luxuries.  I think the night temperature dropped down to 42 with a 12 mph wind so the blanket was very appreciated.  Last year had a bit more excitement because on my last night because there was a massive thunderstorm that lasted most of the night but my tent held up fine.

Today's special was pizza from my favorite pizza place 'Pizza To Go'.  Normally, it is the first place I stop when I arrive here, even before I go see my parents.  Good stuff!

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