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Out of sorts

i'm feeling a bit out of sorts today so maybe it's time for less words and more photo goodness.

You will not find any of this delicious information in Wikipedia.

Southwestern Three Toed Cholla BallI've talked about these a few times but perhaps now is a good time to put a face to the horror that is known as the Southwestern Three Toed Cholla Ball.

These monsters are one of the many nasty creatures waiting for you in the hot Sonoran desert.  They have been known to lay in wait for days for an innocent hiker, jogger or animal to come within striking distance, at which point they leap up and embed themselves in the victim's clothing or exposed flesh.  Even when extracted with a comb, they may leave the outer sheathes that cover their thorny needle-like appendages deep in the victims flesh.  The only way to extract them is with needle-nose pliers.  Always carry needle-nose pliers when in the desert.  Warning: Do not taunt happy fun cholla ball.  Consider yourself warned!

Aligator LizardThis is Herbert the Alligator Lizard.  I named him this just because.  Deal with it.  I tracked him for quite some time so I get to name him.

Don't let his gentle appearance fool you.  Alligator lizards are quite large and can easily remove a leg or perhaps knock you unconscious with the single whip of their long tail.

This one appears to be about 12 feet in length but then again this is all complete crap and he's actually only about 4½ inches long and such severe damage can only be inflicted on moth sized people.  If you haven't read down this far then I would enjoy being a fly on the wall when you recite to your peers what you learned here.

Youtube video goodness to follow.

For best enjoyment of the music, turn the volume up as loud as you can and dance naked in your livingroom.

I would love to visit this place someday but I have a real close connection with breathing now and I don't think I would be doing much of that there.  Sadly, I am also quite allergic to pooping in open pits.  Not being as bendable as others, the task requires either a) a seat; or b) a spotter for the bombardier.  More than you wanted to know?  Probably, but it's one of those things that makes my life interesting.

Finally, just because my friend Deb asked me, I present to you "12 Cats Pulling a Sled", which is something you will never ever see happening in real life.  Cats are far too smart to do this and I suppose this is why she wanted it.  She needed the smile anyway.  I spent about 3 minutes of serious mouse clicking action on this masterpiece so please appreciate it for the fine art it is.

12 Cats Pulling a Sled

Okay, so I messed up and have more words than I intended, but I do feel a little better now.

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