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Cat Peaks Revisited

Cat Peaks PassToday I decided to explore Cat Peaks trail a little further.  It's a shame that it's so short because it really is the prettiest trail I've been on so far.  Just as I reached the junction, a couple ladies on horseback let me know there was a large rattle snake about 100 yards ahead.  I never saw it, but I did get a little extra cautious from that point on.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer day to hike.  It was 86 degrees and there was a nice breeze blowing.  I took my next larger sized fast pack so I could double-up on my water.

Since I brought the extra hiking pole, I decided to take a spur trail that leads up to the summit.  The view was amazing.  I just sat on a rock for about a half hour and watched all the non-happenings below.  During that whole time I only saw one guy on a mountain bike and an elderly couple thoroughly studying the trail markers.

In regard to the previous Bigfoot post, I did take a photo of him and updated that post with the new photo.

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