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Old Memories

When Laura I were still together, we used to joke about how bad my memory was.  She always said that she was my memory.  So many times she would relate conversations and events we shared but I had absolutely no recollection of them.  The details were always so specific but I could recall none of it.  It frustrated me because I really thought I was having neurological problems.  The thing is, there really was nothing wrong with my memory when it comes to the events of my life.  I remember everything.

A few minutes ago I left a semi-comical comment to an old friend on Facebook and I'm guessing he will have no immediate recollection of what I'm talking about, but in leaving it I realized how much I do remember from my entire life.  Not fading memories but vivid ones.  Even earlier today I saw a woman who looked like my kindergarten teacher and it brought back a flood of memories.  I remember everything from my past, but it's the little things that mean the most.

This got me to looking at an older post about some great and not so great memories of mine which then got me thinking even more.

I remember exactly what Liz was wearing the very first day I met her and the first time she came home with me.  I remember every second of the flight path of a dart that finally found it's way to my big toe when I was 13.  I remember in the 8th grade when I was looking for someone to sit with during lunch break and met Michael, Ken and Carl.  Michael was using the word "pure" at least 5 times in every sentence and we were all laughing our ass off every time he did it.  I remember all three of them protecting  me from a school bully the following day.  I remember shooting at Carl with a BB gun because I thought he was bigfoot.  I remember JoEllen Kratzer stuffing a raspberry up my nose while we were standing on her neighbors front porch.

With most of the my memories, the emotion is the key part.  I remember the quiet giggles, the laughing outbursts and sometimes the small things said that ripped me to the fuck core.  Most of them are good though.  I remember the words and meanings that accompanied them all.

I really wish I could tell my favorite memory.  It was simple but it was magic and I would quite literally do anything to re-live it.

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