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Driving Miss Crazy

I've never been one of those nutcases who succumbs to road rage.  Some people scream and honk their horn, whereas I usually just chalk up each experience to my driving education.  To pass the time between two points I may bother to ponder things like "what kind of asshole drives like that?"

Middle Finger Earlier today there was a major accident so the freeway was all but stopped for about 10 miles.  On my drive home, just as I was braking for the very slow traffic in front of me, a very stupid lady came up fast behind me in her SUV.  This lady, upset that I was braking in front of her, screams, whipped around me and then veered right at me, causing me to break hard.  She then turns her head and screamed even more in my direction.  At that very second, I invented a new driving technique.  Instead of the usual "hands at 10 and 2" position, I assumed the "10 and f#ck you" position.  I kept smiling and casually flipped her off for 4, if not 5, straight minutes.

She was paying more attention to me than the road and missed the off-ramp.  My guess is she is still sitting in the stopped traffic while I have been home for more than an hour.

Who says commuting can't be fun?

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