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The answer.

While driving to work in the dark my thoughts today were just a slide show of lines and lyrics.  There's a lot of meaning in each of them.

Slide 1 It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
- Avril Levigne
Slide 2 And consequences in the future
And feel it as now
I know I can’t feel the future
But I can be there for you now
- t.a.t.u.
Slide 3 The definition of a good life is not about being free from problems, a good life comes from having the ability to overcome life's problems.
Slide 4 I only want what I can’t have
I only need what I don’t want
- t.a.t.u.
Slide 5 Pro: Plays MP3 and WMA formats.
Con: It’s pink.

Pro: Fast USB 2.0 interface for loading songs. 
Con: It’s pink.

Pro: Backlit color LCD display.
Con: It’s pink.

Pro: Purchase includes two players for just $24.99. 
Con: Both players are pink.

Pro: 512MB memory.
Con: It’s pink.
Slide 6 I'm listening but there's no sound
- Avril Levigne
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