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Ohhh ohhh Mexicow

Well over 11 years ago I took the nick (screen-name) of Mooooooo.  In my very first venture into an online chat room there were some people telling cow jokes so I changed my name accordingly.  It seemed funny at the time but I had no idea it would become my total online persona.  No matter what I did, everything came up cows.  Even people in the real world were calling me Mooooooo.  Over the years I had hundreds of stuffed cows, plushie cows, puppet cows and more sent to me by people from all over the world.  They filled bookcases, shelves and end tables in every room and even in the guest bathroom.

Mooooooo is no more.  I decided I want to be Daniel again.  Today, the last of my soft cows entered a vehicle bound for Mexico and they will be handed out to children there in time for Christmas.  I was able to completely stuff all of them into three huge 55 gallon bags.  Yes, that's 165 gallons worth of squished cows.  I may put some of the more expensive collectible and hand painted ceramic ones on Ebay.

The cow stuff was cute and fun but I'm not a cow.

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