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Fanny and Vagina So just a few minutes ago I go to Google to look up an old friend.  Ya know how Google puts related advertisements on the right side of search results?  Well, here is what my search result yielded.  All I did was type in her name!

I must admit that yes, my old friend did indeed and perhaps still does have both a fanny and a vagina but I have to wonder how and why Google made the connection.

Apparently there is a little gender bias though.  I searched on the names of some old male friends too -- all of whom have penises -- but I didn't get a single body part advertisement.

Updated on Friday, July 14, 2006:

OMG!  I am excited!  So incredibly exited that I actually used OMG in a post! 

I just read someone elses blog entry about how Google sent a blogger a packet of acetaminophen after he complained about Google causing headaches.

After my own Google entry, I just can't wait to see what Google sends me!

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