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Sunday Scary Sunday

What a scary morning.

I logged onto SaidSimple and discovered that almost all of the recent entries were gone.  I poured through the log files and found nothing out of the ordinary which made me even more worried.  Was it evil hackers?  No, turned out I was logged into the testing server and not the actual site.  I suppose it pays to look at the URL box before going into a panic frenzy.

My next surprise came when I checked my email and found addressed to me what is my very first ever violent death threat against me.  Someone took offence at a post here and decided that threatening to kill me in an extemely violent manner would be the best way to resolve the problem.  Since the mail came late in the evening of April Fools Day, I till treat it with as much seriousness as this site.

That was the excitement of my morning.  Today I am off to Freestone Park to take some pics of the ducks.  Liz and I were there the other evening and observed a ton of them, plus some other bird that had the posture of penguins with scoliosis.  I can't remember what they were called.

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