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Repeated words.

Last night a reader commented on my repeated use of the word masturbation in recent posts.  Statistical anomaly, nothing more.  I think what was really on their mind is why I linked it to a product page that sells vibrators and stuff.  That would be a much better question.  The linking was an intentional after thought.

Allow me to explain...

About 9 years ago I started the Disabilities-R-Us website and chat room.  For 8 years of that I paid for everything out of my own pocket.  This includes purchasing all the hardware, software and all the development tools to create our own custom chat software.  It was pretty expensive.

Last year I came to the conclusion that the only way for the site to remain viable and healthy is for me to quit supporting it and make it stand on it's own.  The problem is that I did not want advertising on the site, especially popup ads.  So instead, I went to a donation system.  People could make donations of $5 or more through our donation page or by buying stuff from our Amazon Affiliate Page.  Money came in but it was still a bit short to pay the bills.

For a long time Disabilities-R-Us has had a sexuality resources page.  Yes, we disabled people enjoy sex and masturbation as much as everyone else.  Like everyone else, we want discreet access to products and information without having to deal with all the pornographic crap.  Since Disabilities-R-Us and SaidSimple are both run by me and share a few of the same members, I thought it was okay to cross-pollinate the links. 

So yes, your sex and masturbation needs can help keep a disability site funded.  When you buy something, they get a small commission.  Isn't that cool?  Who would have thunk it?  Not only that, it feels really nice too!  Disabilities-R-Us and SaidSimple stay advertising free and everyone gets orgasms.  It's been a business doing pleasure with you.

If you don't like orgasms, you can always make a donation or read a good book.

Oh, and to that reader, I have talked about Popeye's shitty chicken more often than I have about masturbation.  Smile

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