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The last month has been full of changes.

The biggest change was Laura and I breaking up after 5 years.  I won't bother anyone with the details because we always kept matters of our relationship private and I have no plans to change that.  All I will say is that the relationship was not healthy for either of us.  I would have enjoyed remaining friends but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

My headaches have all but left.  On my first trip to the neurologist, he felt they are/were cluster migraines, but he also had deep concerns about the specifics of the pain I was having.  Until I could get tests scheduled, he gave me 2 medications for severe pain and another for blood pressure.  The first two would stop my migraines dead but I still had them.

Between the first and second visit was when a lot of changes happened.  The day after breaking up, my migraine was gone.  For months it has been a constant pounding, not leaving for a moment.  No doubt it was caused by tremendous stress I was under.  I was still getting tension headaches but those for the most part subsided as soon as I replaced my computer monitors with 19" LCD displays.

I've had a few small headaches since then, but they have been minimal.  My neurologist is happy and doesn't feel all the poking and prodding of my head he had planned on doing is still necessary.

The most important thing to happen to me this month was to come to terms with the fact that I am going through depression again.  I don't really like the term, because people assume that you're just sad or unhappy.  Some consider it a sign of weakness.  It's not.  Long term depression is caused by nothing more than a chemical imbalance that makes it difficult to resolve what should be simple intellectual matters.  Zoloft reverses the imbalance and puts you back the way you were before.  I started taking it again last week and already I'm feeling myself again.

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