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The return of Mom.

Mom was here again last week and once again we had a great time.  The day after she got here, we took a two day trip to the Grand Canyon.

On the first day we drove to Williams, AZ, and stayed the night at the Fray Marcos Hotel.  The next morning we had breakfast Max and Thelma's restaurant and then caught the steam train that goes directly to the South Rim.  On arriving, we took a 3 1/2 hour bus tour that explores all the hot spots.

I could say more but pictures say it all.

On her last day, we went to the Pioneer Living History Village, which is about 20 miles North of me, about 1 mile past the Shangri La Ranch.  Pioneer is 90 acres of historial buildings from the 1800's.  They had western shootout which was really impressive, not only for it's style, but also the actors talked about gun dangers/safetly both before and after.  Since they have a lot of kids visit, it's a good idea.

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