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My Shit List

When my niece Angela was a little girl and just learning to write, she was quietly sitting at the kitchen table and writing for the longest time.  When her mother asked her what she was doing, she smiled and said "I'm making my shit list!" Looking at the paper, there indeed was the title "Angela's Shit List", followed by a long list of inductees.  Most adults talk about it, but Angela, at 5 years old, decided to put it in print.

On my list today is Dell, the country's largest computer manufacturer.  As per recent policy changes there, they will no longer ship products to any business with a name they deem to be politically incorrect.  Any mention of gun terminology and they assume you're a criminal, and not a law abiding citizen.  I think Dell will probably learn the same lesson that K-Mart did after hiring Rosie O'Donnel as their two-faced spokesweasel.  Honest people do not like being labeled as criminals.

The second on my list is Qwest.  They, like Global Crossing (I remember when they were PrimeNet,) grew so fast that they left thier paying customers buried in the trail of dust.  Those customers, like me, are now crawling out, standing up, and crossing over to their competitors who can do it better and for less.

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