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Small accomplishments

The week is up and I wasn't able to get the guestbook installed.  The concepts and code are complete, it's just a matter of integrating them with the current layout.  This is Laura's site so it must look nice.  I don't want it to get cluttered like my apartment did this week.  I clean tomorrow, after watching a couple of rented movies, of course.

Side note: I just heard a loud noise and got to the window in time to see a spinning car with tires popping.  A few months ago I saw two cars do a tandem 1080 in about the same spot.  This seems to be a common occurance here.

What I did get semi-accomplished was another geek toy.  I've been integrating Instant Messengers into various other projects.  I would like to be able to be paged if some "emergency" comes up in my chat room at, if one of my servers go down or if my intrusion detection system at home goes off.  The end goal is to have all connected to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and my Jabber server.  In the end I'll be able to boot bad people, restart a given server, or turn on the home coffee maker from anywhere in the world.  The results are pretty spiffy so far.

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